Sunday, October 26, 2014

Titan American Built Premiere: The Fight for American Manufacturing

Sometimes choices are rough, sometimes they're easy and sometimes they are just plain awkward. Do I stay home and watch the Giants play in the World Series or attend a TV show premiere about American manufacturing? I know, it's a first world problem but nevertheless, a choice had to be made. I chose to take the drive into San Francisco on game night to check out the premiere celebration of Titan American Built at Autodesk Gallery.

Upon arrival at the Gallery, I was pleasantly surprised to see the gathering was truly a first rate affair, with food and drink befitting the occasion. And the best thing ever – a huge screen tuned into the World Series! I wouldn't miss the entire game after all. A completely unexpected bonus!

As premiere time approached, we moved into the designated viewing area and found seats. A brief introduction by Autodesk CEO Carl Bass about the project followed. He'd flown in that day from Germany to attend the event and introduced Titan American Built CEO, Titan Gilroy. Titan's remarks held enthusiasm about the goal of the show and reflected humility in his gratefulness to his team and the attending sponsors - Autodesk, GoEngineer and Haas Automation.

Titan, of course, is the show's namesake and his life story is paramount to the program. Titan had a rough childhood filled with fighting and ended up in prison due to fighting. After his release and years of developing skills in manufacturing, he has found his God-given purpose - yes, he's fighting again but this time it's for America. Titan is fighting for American manufacturing!

Reality TV is usually not my thing but I have to say I liked the premise here. The series opener introduced the staff at Titan's machine shop and gave insight into their particular jobs. Then a customer story unfolds. Titan gets a call from IR Defense to make 100 precision parts for a military gun scope in 4 days. Sound easy? No way. Materials have to be sorted and bought, modeling occurs in AutodeskCAM software, a mold has to be 3D printed, the parts need to be cut with a lathe – all the while the clock is ticking. We get to see how a machine shop jumps into action to get the job done in spite of the inevitable unforeseen problems that arise. The TV series will include customer stories of the toughest projects imaginable and the solutions Titan's machine shop provides that validate his claims of American ingenuity and excellence in manufacturing. The show airs on MavTV Friday nights, next episode is Oct 31st, 7:00pmET/PT

I was able to meet Titan Gilroy after the viewing and hear his passion for this project up close. His hope is the show will inspire many more people to take action in bringing manufacturing back to America's shores. I'm glad Titan has taken on this #FightForAmerica. I think he has chosen well. So glad I came to this premiere. I made the right choice too.

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